Most of the yoga community cherishes yoga as something much deeper than a contortionist art and we can’t deny that there is something sexy about yoga.

No, it is not the commercial sexualization of lululemon clad models balancing on one arm with their leg behind their head. As with most stereotypes, the idea of a yo-gasim stems from a seed of truth. Yoga makes people feel sexy.

There are numerous studies on the benefits of yoga compared to other forms of physical activity and yoga doesn’t always stack up. Sure it helps with mental health, immune function, balance and muscle tone but it isn’t exactly cardiovascular. (Don’t get mad at me, it’s what the science says!). What makes yoga glow brighter than other forms of exercise is how it makes people feel. So much of sexuality and sexual satisfaction boils down how satisfied people are with their body and their self and yoga has a huge positive impact in these areas.

It is widely accepted that yoga improves mood and mental well being in healthy individuals. Several studies have further shown that mindful yoga can increase positive body image in women with breast cancer, eating disorders and healthy volunteers.

In the case of depression, yoga performs as well the antidepressant Imipramine and in a second study, better than another standard treatment for depression. This study lacked a true control group so it is hard to say how much of this may have been due to a placebo effect. However, other studies have shown that yoga provides supplemental benefit as an “add-on” treatment in mental health patients being treated with diseases lending credibility to the first study.

Bottom line is that there is something about yoga that makes people feel better. But what is it?

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